Dining Options

Indulge yourself in a culinary journey of senses and tasting

In cooperation with the 2-star Michelin chef Yves Mattagne, our food concept is being carefully selected in quality ingredients and tasteful recipes. Yves Mattagne has won many distinctions during his career. Some of them are the first Michelin Star in 1991, and the second Michelin Star for his gastronomic creations in 1997. He has also won the 2003 Chef of the Year Award, the Gold Medal of the Gastronomy Academy in 2006, and the Golden Delta Guide award in 2007. He has edited the menu of major businesses all over the world and has recently edited the Brussels Airlines menu. Bellow you will find our dining options.

COVID-19 instructions ON FOOD OUTLETS: Due to the instructions for the safety of our guests, all restaurants need reservation in advance. As a result, our outlets for breakfast, lunch and dinner can host our guests during specific hours and number of tables, in order to maintain the necessary space for the comfort and protection of our guests. Moreover, we will follow all the necessary steps for the buffet and a la carte options of the food and drinks outlets. Various adjustments to our outlets' operation can happen at any time, according to the updated information we have about COVID19.